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    There are feelings and there are emotions.


    It is a useful distinction because they serve different purposes.


    Feelings, in their pure form, are anger, sadness, fear and joy.

    They are neutral sources of information for your life to navigate Now, for your Aliveness and Integrity.


    I feel joy about the texture and color of the yellow sweater I'm wearing, I feel anger to create this website, I feel fear that only english speakers will understand this and I feel sad because I hear my friends talking and I am not there with them. I will go with them now.


    Emotions are old feelings that you didn't fully feel and the precious information they had for you was not received, that energy got stuck, waiting for you to hear it. Now and then there are situations that call this energy back and you have an emotional re-action, which is, this energy and infomation knocking again for you to receive it.


    The consequence of being with an emotion is that you are less present, a part of you is with something that happened in the past, maybe yesterday, maybe 3 years ago, maybe when you were 5.


    I hold spaces for you to navigate those emotions, to feel them and listen to the information they carry, to be Transformed by them and reclaim all that energy that got stuck, becoming available for your life.


    Investment: 30 - 50 EUR per session (1h)


    Contact me to schedule a session at +52 33 13591709