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    1:1 Rage Coaching


    What is your relationship to your Anger?


    Most likely you were taught it is one of the "wrong" or "negative" feelings, together with fear and sadness, you learned to repress it, pretend it is not there or get rid of it somehow, as if it was a design error of your humanness.


    The energy of Anger, like a seed sprouting or a volcano erupting, is a neutral source of information for your life.


    My job is to be a space where you can get in touch with it, feel it, and become Conscious of it, transforming it into a resource to Create the Now, the life and the Culture that you want to live in.



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    1:1 Fear Coaching

    Are you afraid of your fear?


    You probably also learned that fear is not okay, that fear is the opposite of Love, by being a NO to it, you developped strategies to to avoid it, to numb the fear that comes with being Alive.

    The strategies that keep you from feeling fear are killing your aliveness - by avoiding Fear you and I are killing Life on Earth.

    This is a space for you to re-wire your relationship with Fear.

    By being a Yes to fear, feeling it and becoming Conscious of it you get to stand in your Authority, become Unmanipulable, Be With Nothing to Create Everything and navigate Authentic intimacy.

    Fear can be your perpetual enemy or your Compass of Aliveness, I am on your Team to make the shift.

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    Emotional Healing Process

    You have feelings and you have emotions.


    It is a useful distinction because they serve different purposes.


    A feeling, weather it is Anger, Sadness, Fear or Joy, is a neutral source of information for you life, it is rooted in the Present and lasts for about 3 minutes.


    An emotion is an old feeling that happened in a moment where your Being did not have the hability to make space for it and receive its information. Its roots are in the past; maybe 2 weeks ago, maybe when you were 5.


    Have you ever been angry, sad, afraid or scared for more than 3 minutes?


    If your answer is Yes, write down what are those emotions.


    I offer a space for you to go to the root of them, receive their precious information and Heal them, so that there is more space in you to feel your feelings and be Present, Here and Now.


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    Discovery Session

    Are we a match to rift into the uncharted terrirories of your emotional body, Healing the past and accessing to your Conscious Feelings to be a more Alive and Present source of Creation?


    Lets find out!


    I invite you to a 30 minute free of cost session to discover if we want to work together.

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