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    I’ve done considerable amounts of Rage Work and I notice: I keep losing my Center.

    How? Unconscious Fear.

    My fear is telling me things that I numb until X situation gets really out of hand, then Panic happens. As a survival strategy my unconscious sadness comes in and I go into “Poor Damsel in Distress” mode, ready to use sexual energy, victimhood and all my weapons to be saved. In modern culture, it still works.

    The thing is, when that happens, in a split second I lost my Center, I lost my Integrity.

    I am done with that.

    No amount of pure Anger serves me with a thick layer of unconscious fear.

    I learned that fear is not okay, that fear is the opposite of Love, I learned to be a NO to fear, to avoid it, to numb it with different addictions such as tobacco, alcohol, screens, sugar, doing things; filling the Now with anything - words, sound, Netflix - anything to fill the void, to fill the emptiness, to numb the fear that comes with being Alive.

    I recently discovered: the strategies that keep me from feeling fear are killing my aliveness - by avoiding Fear you and I are killing Life on Earth.

    Gladly, something completely different is possible right now.

    Welcome to Fear Club: a space for you and I to re-wire our relationship with Fear.

    By being a Yes to fear,
    feeling it and becoming Conscious of it you get to stand in your Authority, become Unmanipulable, Be With Nothing to Create Everything and navigate Authentic intimacy.

    Fear can be our perpetual enemy or our Compass of Aliveness. I invite you to join this research Team and discover how to make the shift.

    INTRODUCTION: Saturday 02 March | 9h - 10h30 CET | Investment: 10 - 30 Euros

    SERIES: 4 Saturdays 09 - 30 March | 9h - 11h30 CET | Investment: 80 - 150 Euros

    Online - for Women
    SPACEHOLDER: Maria Diaz



    CONTACT: anadiaztirado@gmail.com / Telegram: + 52 33 13591709




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